Faculty - Parishkar Group of Institutions

Management Of Parishkar Group

Dr. Savita Paiwal

Managing Director

Teacher Quality

  • Affectionate, friendly relation with the students, so students can interact with the teacher and other students without any hesitation.
  • Parishkar teachers are pro-active, enthusiastic to learn, eager to perform, dedicated to impart, anxious to revive, motivated to enjoy the Karm & Dharma of education.
  • They are pre-dominantly learners & consequentially creative teachers.
  • Capable in assessing the learning creativity of students & leading them for merits in University Exams.
  • Every teacher is engaged in some sort of research project, motivates the students also in research activities, even at the graduate level.

Teacher Training in PARISHKAR

  • In Parishkar teachers are trained to evolve critical thinking in teachers to evolve this process in the students as well.
  • Trained to enhance the knowledge of the subject and to keep them abreast of the latest developments continuously through the library, IT facilities and consultation with other experts.
  • Trained in technology to train the students.
  • Trained for conducting classes in a participatory manner, conducting group work in the class, organizing group discussions, quizzes, role plays, debates, getting the students to flow charts, diagrams, graphs, PPT’s & Maps etc.
  • Trained for evaluation, writing comments on the students’ answer books, analysing good and poor answers in the class, preparing model answers for the students.
  • Teachers are prepared to participate himself/herself, and to invite participation of the students in co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes, mentoring techniques, industry and field visits etc.
  • They are motivated for research work and to make them competent in inculcating the attitude of search and research processes, they are provided orientation on research methodology by various experts.
  • Teachers are oriented to refresh and expand the family values among the teachers and unite them with Parishkar family so that every individual and Parishkar can enrich each other, initially on the best values of life and the values of education, consequently.
  • Teachers are trained for better communication & leadership also.

Faculty Portal

  • Can upload Assignments for students
  • Can review and evaluate assignments
  • Can upload attendance online
  • Can update time table
  • Can sent notification to students via SMS and E-mail.
  • Can provide any reference or link of any resources to students

Our Faculty


 S.no. Name
1 Dr. Reeta Gaur (Coordinator Pub.)
2 Dr. Kiran Sharma (Dean of Arts)
3 Dr. Priya Saxena
4 Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Sharma
 S.no. Name
1 Dr. Namita Sharma
 S.no. Name
1 Mrs. Ritu Choudhary
2 Dr. Somya Sharma
3 Mrs. Soni Vijayvargiya
4 Mrs. Era Sharma
 S.no Name
1  Dr. Manoj Kumar Saini
2  Dr. C.S. Jaiman
3  Dr. Hitendra Sharma
4  Mr. Anil Kumar Bashistha
5  Mr. Moti Lal
6  Mr. Satyaprakash
7  Ms. Priyanka
8  Ms. Anu Bhadu
9  Ms. Nirmala Kumari
10  Mrs. Priti Sharma
11  Mr. Kapil Dev.
 S.no. Name
1 Mr. Balla Ram Saini
2 Mr. Muzammil Sayeed
3 Mr. Ankur Singh Dagur
4 Mr. Manjit Singh Maan
 S.no. Name
1 Dr. Neeta Sharma
2 Dr. Pramod Sharma
3 Dr. Mohit Dixit
4 Ms. Kavita Pahadia
5 Mr.  Sonu Soni
 S.no Name
1  Mrs. Sujata Singh (Co-coordinator Comp.)
2  Ms. Pooja Yadav
 S.no Name
1  Dr. Sunita Sharma
2  Mr. Deepak Saini
3  Ms. Sunaina Sharma
4  Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma
 S.no Name
1 Mr. Nitesh Kumar Sharma
2 Mr. Shyoji Ram
3 Mr. Naveen Kumar
4 Ms. Pinky Grewal
5 Ms. Dimple Sharma
6 Mr. Rajesh Jangir
7 Mr. Ashish Khandelwal
8 Mr. Neeraj Ahlawat
9 Mr. Keshav Sharma
10 Ms. Rashmi Bansal
11 Ms. Kirti Garg
12 Ms. Rashmi Agarwal
 S.no. Name
1 Mr. Jitendra Pandey
 S.no Name
1  Mr. Kuldeep Sharma
2  Mr. Shofiyan Khan
3  Mr. Ujjwal Mishra
4  Mr. Sanjay Badoliya
 S.no Name
1  Mr. Omprakash Nair
2  Dr. Meena Gautam
3  Mr. Pradeep Tank
 S.no Name
1  Mrs. Kaushlaya Agarwal
2  Mr. Neeraj Purohit
3  Mr. Rajendra Kumar Saini
 S.no Name
1  Ms. Anuradha Yadav
 S.no Name
1  Mr. Sandeep Sharma
2  Mr. Giriraj Sharma
 S.no Name
1  Mrs. Manpreet Kaur
2  Mrs. Priyanka Dixit
3  Mrs. Varsha Dhankar
4  Mr. Pulkit Kirodiwal
5  Mr. Nagendra Singh
 S.no Name
1  Dr. Ajeet Kumar Sharma
2  Mrs. Joyati
 S.no Name
1  Dr. Muktika Ahaskar
2  Dr. Sanjay Goyal
3  Ms. Mamta Sharma
S.no Name
1  Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta
2  Ms. Yogyata Agarwal
3  Ms. Harsha Jain
4  Ms. Nidhi Chhipa
5  Ms. Dimpi Kumari Jain
6  Mr. Nitesh Soni
7  Ms. Vinita Kumari
8  Mr. Shubhendra Gupta
9  Ms. Sonali Jain
S.no Name
1  Mrs. Lalita Beniwal
2  Ms. Sapna Choudhary
3  Ms. Neetu Gaur
4  Ms. Simpal Garg
5  Mr. Hitesh Sharma
6  Ms. Raksha Pandey
7  Mrs. Sunita Kumari
8  Mrs. Sumitra Jakhar
9  Mr. Akash Jain
10  Mr. Bharat Kumar
11  Mrs. Disha Singhal
12  Mrs. Manisha Choyal
13  Ms. Surabhi Jain