Parishkar College Jaipur : A NAAC Certified College with "A" Grade

27 Jun
Parishkar College jaipur

Parishkar College Jaipur : A NAAC Certified College with “A” Grade

Parishkar College Jaipur, A renowned place for studious environment, innovations,
creativity, fun, healthy competition team work. Peer learning, problem solving
stations, counselling, happiness in the ambience and many more. Parishkar
College of Global Excellence is an open house of innovation and creativity
where not only the teacher but students also keep an enhancing skills and
strengths and succeed eventually. Here the focus is on the student centered
teaching methods that has strengthen the pace of learning and understanding of
students. The unique methods of key words, key concept and study sheets have
given wonderful results that can be observed from the merit list of Rajasthan
University which is actually glorious due to the endless entries of the
Parishkarians from head to toe.

Why Choose Parishkar College Jaipur ?

Here students are provided with a platform where they give their
presentation and home themselves. Beside this they are also evaluated at certain
intervals through different exam patterns including class-tests, OMR tests, Open
Book Tests, Mid Term Exams and pre-university exam. This prepares them
thoroughly for the final University Exam. this is a never lasting process of
learning where students studies himself, evaluates himself and motivates
himself to proceed further.

Extra Curriculare Activities in Parishkar College Jaipur

Parishkar College jaipur
Aazadi play at Ravindra mach Jaipur


Apart from importing quality education to Students, Parishkar College is also
working innovatively in the fields of sports, drama, research, social services,
peer learning, compassion, developing emotions and the most important
transforming our students into good human beings. The secret lies in the belief
system of the college that make us ready to evaluate ourselves time to time, to
be evaluated by others and keeps on improving for excellence.
Parishkar Group of Institution also runs a three days personality development programme for
the overall development of our students. Best Bsc college in jaipur

Personality Development Camp in Parishkar college Jaipur

This programme takes place before the academic session get started and develops
a great emotional bond between students and teachers. The three days camp
remains so interesting and thrilling that inculcate confidence, behaviour traits,
strength and remove stage fear, hesitation and shyness of the new buds.
It transforms the innocent, shy student into a responsible social being.
They get inspired to fulfil their dreams, also they start giving importance to
others and respect their fellow remembers. Thus our three-day PD camp
helps our students to be responsible citizens. Students at Parishkar College of
Global Excellence and Parishkar International College also brings laurels
and add feathers in its cap through different sports.
The sports trainers work very hard with our students and prepare our layers
so well that they keep on bringing medals in every sport.
Overall 84 Gold medals have been bagged by our players and they are
ceaselessly working for the same. best bsc college in jaipur
Thus Parishkar College Jaipur is striving have our students and helping in developing a
democratic – teaching pedagogy for the overall development of our students. I
is a college of great students who study here learn new things. Cherish their
memory and leave us having great opportunities open for them.

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