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Bachelor of Arts

PCGE's BA Course is Gold. Teachers have redesigned the syllabus in such a way that it strengthens the student in University examination as well as in competition examination like: IAS, RAS, SSC, Banks etc. additional topics are thought in BA which are not included in the University Syllabus but are placed in IAS, RAS syllabus. So in PCGE BA students prepares for their graduation degree as well as Competitions both.

Elective Subjects (Optional)

Geography, Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, History, Hindi Literature, English Literature, Drama, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Music & Physical Education.
Student can opt any three subjects for the BA Degree.

Teaching Method

PCGE has evolved unique teaching learning process in BA. Instead of giving lectures and making students passive listeners. PCGE teacher interact with the students searching keywords in a sentence key concepts in paragraph, asking the students themselves to solve the objective type questions from a chapter, analyzing the concepts of the chapter inspiring students to give shall presentations before the class, assessing daily in a informal way and fortnightly in a form of OMR test when teaching, learning and evaluation go simultaneous then education becomes creative and enjoyable. In the competitions of IAS & RAS and analytical mind is required, which can be shaped through interactive classes group discussions, open house discussion, Debates and creative answer writing PCGE students take every step which transforms the mind into a thinking critically analyzing, reflecting, opinion making and expressing entity with a natured behavior.

PCGE provides classes –

Personality development activities are arranged simultaneously in a form of three day personality development camp participation in Aazadi play, in various clubs, Subject council activities, Rasrang, Natyarang, educational tours etc.

University Results

Our 16 BA students have been in merit of in last six years since 2011


PCGE's students have been selected in RAS, SSC, NDA Police Sub-inspector, Bank POs/Clerks/School Lectures, grade II & III Teachers, Patwars (B) & in corporate.