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Grievance Redressal system(शिकायतों का समाधान)

The Institution has established the Grievance Redressal Cell-Samadhan (समाधान) Anti-ragging Cell-Souhard (सौहार्द), Unfair Means Cell, which deals with the issues that fall within their cognizance. There has not been a single case of ragging in the college, in its eleven years of tenure.

Mentor-Mentee Cell

  • Groups of around 40 students are entrusted to each member of faculties under the Mentor-Mentee cell. Meetings are carried on by the Mentors with their allotted mentees on a monthly basis or even earlier, if any problem arises.

  • In case of any complication the Principal and Vice-Principals along with the Mentor and mentee follow up the grievances and reach at a suitable consensus

  • To rectify the grievances, the college has constituted a straight door policy to the Director for students and faculties. Anyone can approach the Director and can discuss his/her problems.

  • Besides, there is a procedure of periodic written feedback from the students, which helps a lot to the teacher and the management in retrieving the problems.

  • Teachers give freedom to their students to make classes interactive. Welcoming and encouraging questions, generating discussions, appreciating oral and written answers, drive the students for presentations in the classes. In such open environment a natural, transparent feedback process continues.

  • Suggestions/complaints boxes have been placed at several places in the college. These boxes are opened by the Grievance Redressal Cell. These grievances are looked into sensitively and solved through discussions, if required.