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Groomed leadership at various levels

  • We believe that leadership is groomed by giving freedom, responsibility and positive reinforcement.

  • We have a process to formulate plans and strategies from bottom to top, participatively.

  • Here, in the formulation of the plans, the seed of leadership germinates naturally somewhere in the teacher, and in the student himself/herself.

  • The regular feedback system and reformation of the plans and the time-table generate ingenuity, innovativeness and Self-Directed Training process.

  • Self motivated teachers give freedom to their students also, to make classes interactive. Welcoming and encouraging questions generate discussions, appreciate oral and written answers, students dive for presentations in the classes and in wider perspectives.

  • We have scheduled one day for Students' Presentation every month for PPTs, Posters, Notes, Flow Charts, briefly and orally, before the class.

  • This whole process is to groom the leadership both in the teachers and students. We have awarded about 4544 various prizes and certificates for the students' participation in 2014-15 and 5837 in 2015-16.

  • It is all done to enhance their inner strength and to develop confidence to do something different to be a pioneer in life.

  • In the whole process our teachers themselves learn to lead and teach the students how to lead themselves.