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Why Only Parishkar ?

NAAC Accreditation

'A' grade college, assessed by NAAC, UGC, Govt. of India, on 28th March, 2017 eyde-1
NAAC's score for Parishkar College is the highest in all the 1508 private colleges of Rajasthan. Brief of NAAC's report can be seen at NAAC Accreditaion.

Healthy Ambience

Learning oriented, Vibrating & Cheerful environment, full of innovations, creativity, co-operation and compassion.


To make every student feel equal, to save the students from detractions due to garments and to help them focus on studies and discipline to build togetherness among all the parishkarians and to feel youth in bright colorful uniform for five days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in shirt & jeans, Thursday, Friday in T-shirt & jeans) and casuals for Saturday.

Interactive classes

  • PCGE's classes do not contain one way lectures, but are full of students interactions, questions and quarries.
  • A lot of activities like group discussions, quizzes, open house discussions, students presentations, role-plays, mock practices.
  • Full of audio-visual aids, films, pictures diagrams, graphs & PPT's with participatory discussions.
  • Open book tests, peer learning activities, concept mapping, flowcharts, diagrams by the teachers and students.
  • Every activity is done to strengthen conceptual framework, critical thinking and communication power of each student.

Competition classes :

  • Parishkar is known for its additional competition classes for various exams like: IAS, RAS, SSC, NDA, Banks, Railways, Police etc. .
  • These classes are provided in addition to the University degree syllabus classes.
  • Every day additional two hour classes are provided for Maths, Reasoning, English & General studies (Geography, Political Science, Economics, History, Science & Technology with current development in every field). In addition, these classes enhance the general analytical and communicative richness in degree courses also, making the students academically stronger.
  • Fortnightly OMR tests are held for competition as well as degree courses.
  • Competition classes are evidently responsible for selections in RAS (seven Parishkar students selected as RAS alone in last exam) Bank POs, Lecturers, Teachers, Police Sub-Inspectors, Inspectors in CBI, Income tax, Custom areas and in many corporate companies.


  • Parishkar focuses on research, to develop the innovativeness & creativity of each & every student.
  • Students are given small research activities right from searching a keyword in a sentence to finding out a solution of water crises in their villages.
  • Parishkar students are being involved more in their targets, touching deeper to their own learning self, being more responsible to everyone, everything and more innovative & creative in their attitude and behaviour.

Personality development

  • Parishkar provides theatre, drama, music, painting, discussions, debates, writing exercises, open house discussions, games & sports, exertion & visits, lab works, carnivals, exhibitions, extension lectures of experts and so on which vibrates innerself of each Parishkar student.
  • All these activities bring out the students from his/her own shell from the subjects, from books and from the set examination patterns. This varied exposure gives sublimation to his/her vision, targets, performances and success celebrations. In PCGE the student constructs his/her own personality in his/her own way.


  • Every student of Parishkar is entrusted with a teacher who is his/her parent-teacher, a Mentor.
  • The Mentor takes care of the student relating to his/her housing, eating, studying, friend circle and many other personal problems. The Mentor is a regular counselor for his/her interests, obstacles in studies, depression and boosts his moral whenever required for further development.
  • Mentor interacts regularly with the parents of the student and keep him/her informed regarding students' attendance, test's performance, general behavior and progress of the student and seeks help from them for students better performance.
  • Parents are provided with the mobile number of the Mentor through which the parent can get all the information regarding his/her ward.

Games & Sports

  • In PCGE, games and sports are the means of sportsmanship sprit in the new generation.
  • Parishkar College has bagged 79 medals including 46 gold medals in intercollege, interuniversity, state level and national level competitions. PCGE has the highest achievements in sports than any other college in Rajasthan.
  • Games & sports practices are conducted in the morning & evening pervading warming up exercises.
  • Chess, Boxing, wrestling, Judo, Karate, Cricket, Volleyball, Basket ball, Hockey, Kho-kho, Kabaddi, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cycling, weight lifting, Swimming, Archery and Races are the most common games & sports participated and coached by the college.

Continuous Assessment Process-

  • PCGE believes that continuous performance needs to be assessed, continuously.
  • Pairshkar's students are assessed daily in every class. In the beginning of the period questions are asked informally during the revision session.
  • Fortnightly OMR tests are conducted & results are declared on the same day or next. These tests are related to University degree's subjects and Competition subjects like Maths, Reasoning, English & GK as well.
  • Mid-term test (in October-November) and Pre-university (in January) are held in a descriptive manner, strictly based on university exam pattern.
  • Students are guided well regarding the deficiencies and errors in the way of writing questions etc. so that they are not repeated in the University exams.
  • Students are also appreciated for presenting their answers with flow charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, and tables etc which are also expected in IAS, RAS written exams.
  • Students are also evaluated informally while interacting in the class, participating in GDs, debates, paper presentations and research work which are very important for their interviews in future.
  • Continuous evaluation is the key process for the students to march ahead and for teachers also to modify the teaching strategy.

Feedback system –

  • Parishkar is very professional in executing feedback system just to be in a mode of excelling all the time.
  • Written feedback is obtained from the students quarterly on the performance of every teacher including competition classes, feedback about infrastructure (drinking water, air-cooling, library, games & sports activities, residential problems, learning environment).
  • Suggestion boxes (Sujhav Petika) are available at every floor, library and in amphitheatre. Students can put their suggestions and complaints, if any and can get the problems solved.
  • Weekly departmental meetings of the teachers and monthly faculty meetings cum workshops serve as a platform for feedback also.
  • Feedback is a strong source of assessment by the other stake holders and shows the ways for continuous reforms.