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Slow learner support:

Low scoring students are given extra attention throughout the session. The OMR tests give an objective data every fortnightly and help us preparing the strategy to help the weak students.

  • Slow learners are given more time for assignments to increase confidence. It reduces the frustration and lack of focus among the slow learners.
  • PCGE has a special drive to strengthen the comprehension power of the students. Slow learners sections are given more time to improve the reading and analyzing capability.
  • Slow learners are provided step by step instructions. Information is repeated whenever necessary. They are encouraged to solve model tasks.
  • A slow learner who painstakingly masters a difficult skill is appreciated.
  • PCGE provides Risers award to motivate the slow learners.
  • Slow learners are associated with the advanced learners as an aide in projects.
  • Exercises and activities based on team work and groups are promoted in order to meet the needs of every one.
  • PCGE grabs every chance to let these students shine in class and they are praised at every opportunity.