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Research Culture (शोध वातावरण)

We have a research committee that works in a well defined policy to evolve research culture. Here, we:

  • Develop research attitude in the students by searching key words in a sentence, key idea in a paragraph, key concept in a chapter, co-relate the concepts of the book to the life realities and finally construct new concepts out of the life-realities.

  • Encourage students to undertake surveys and fieldworks under the supervision of the faculty of the college.

  • Assign research projects to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  • Organize exhibitions on the research works completed by the teachers.

  • Conduct sessions to share the experiences of field surveys and reports.

  • Invite eminent professors to deliver lectures on research methodology and research aptitude to train the teachers and students of the college for research projects.

  • Organize national/international seminars and conferences to promote the students to present research papers extensively.