Research - Parishkar Group of Institutions


  • Parishkar focuses on research, to develop the innovativeness & creativity of each & every student.
  • Students are given small research activities right from searching a keyword in a sentence to a finding out a solution of water crises in their village.
  • Parishkar students are being involved more in their targets, touching deeper to their own learning self, being more responsible to everyone, everything and more innovative & creative in their attitude and behaviour.

Small Research Practices

  • We provide small research practices to our students to inculcate the research attitude not only in them but also the teachers.
  • Parishkar engages undergraduate students in research activities.
  • These all proved to be a great learning for the teachers and students that research attitude and research practices, irrespective of the level, are the key to develop the human mind at the higher education, and that should be at the graduation level even.
  • In addition to university syllabus through these research practices at graduation level, students venture into unfamiliar areas of education in the context of problems in the society and afterwards express their fruitful opinions to provide an initiation to fix these problems.
  • This triggers the creativity and analytical power of the students.